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June 8, 2013
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Battle Chronicle by KypcaHT Battle Chronicle by KypcaHT
None can say exactly when humanity crossed this line and welcomed the darkness to come. Perhaps it came with the discovered of the secret behind instant translocation, allowing humans to spread out among thousands of worlds throughout the galaxy. Or perhaps it was when the human race managed to unite all those worlds into a single network with the discovery of psionic operators’ new capabilities. The only thing that can be said for certain is that all of this was no accident. It was an answer... There were simply too many... too many worlds, too many creatures, too many connections, and too many social ailments. Growth, progress, reproduction – it was all happening too fast. Humanity was like an out-of-control starship, spiraling onward without halting even for a moment to repair its overheating reactor.
The answer to that ever-imposing problem was an idea. The idea was one of self-destruction, which in ages past appealed mostly to loners, yet in the new era of galactic dominance turned into a chain reaction that spread and engulfed the galaxy like a wildfire. Humanity as a whole was suffering from cancer, its entire being destroying itself. The unification of idea, religion, biotechnology and psionic correction spawned a new type of cult: merciless, invincible, inhuman. The end goal: to destroy all of humanity by any means necessary. Then there was psionic morphing, the uninhibited modification of people’s own organisms, cyber-organics, and even infectious nanobots. And that’s not to mention the old fashioned thermonuclear bombings and militarized viruses. The cult managed to engulf seven sectors one after another before the Immunity Union worlds were able to organize any form of coordinated retaliation, and its advance continues to this day. It’s unstoppable, utterly merciless, and cannot be reasoned with... Humanity now faces its darkest hour.
Battle Chronicle. United Archives. File 21-12 H-E.

Top Secret. Access Level 00.
Copying prohibited. Unauthorized distribution warrants capital punishment.

Supreme HQ Research Center Official Report

Analysis of submitted information confirms that subject D.A. possesses unique psionic abilities, as well as mental and intellectual. Indirect factors indicate that the subject is either the source of the Enlightenment or was located in close proximity to said source. Unfortunately, with the shifting of the frontline, all contact has been severed. However, analysis of the enemy’s activities indicates that the enemy does not value this particular sector to any special degree. With the enemy’s resistance levels in this sector being within acceptable levels, the Research Center suggests the execution of a local combat operation to serve as cover for extracting the subject and as many of his immediate circle as possible.
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Given 2013-06-27
Battle Chronicle by ~KypcaHT ( Suggested by Ginryuzaki and Featured by mamiffer )
mecha-ghost Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
looks awesome
sonicxluffy Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
truly groundbreakng. i love the colors and detail.  love the backstory for this.
KomutoHerovato Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014
Эдакий "славянский warhammer"
Потрясающий арт! :)
Trucky1990 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is great!
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Мего круто!!!
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Epic impression!
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Love it
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some serious shit going on in here. nice one.
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you've made this, for how long?
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